pic: Team 397 2008 Robot 100% done!!

This is our 2008 overdrive robot. We are 100% done and practice is now key. Have fun and we will hopefully see you at Detroit, and West Michigan regionals.

i don’t think your flag pole is high enough according to the rules. If it is then that means you broke the height regulation rule. You might want to look into it!

Nice looking machine, good job!

Our flag holder is 51 inches off the ground. If you look closely at the bottom of the flag pole you will see a pivit point for the upper structure. The top of our machine folded up is the second bend from the top. Folded up the flagpole is the highest point.

That probably is not their starting configuration. There is no height restriction one the match starts.:slight_smile:

what are the roller things on the top for?

I’d imagine thats for getting the ball off the overpass.

looks to me like its for knocking the ball of the overpass

Nice looking bot!! like how low to the ground it is

We are sitting a whole whopping 3/4 if an inch off the ground.
The thing on top is for knocking the ball off the overpass.

Looks familiar! I suspect this will be a somewhat popular design this year (scooper in front, low placed shooter, and ball knocker in back).