pic: Team 399 2012 Robot: X-1

Team 399 presents our robot X-1 for the 2012 FIRST Robotics game, Rebound Rumble. Visit our website below for more information.

Robot Page:

Unveil Video:

I want to congratulate you Rene and 399 on your gorgeous 2012 robot. It’s effective, and definitely your best one to date. It’s been a pleasure working with you through EWCP, and I look forward to seeing your robot on the field.

I just hope it’s on the same side as us.


What Nick said x 2

399 has always been an inspiration for our team in many ways, robot performance, engineering excellence, team spirit, gracious professionalism, on and on…

Amazing Robot. Very nice job.

That is the best looking robot I’ve seen all season!

I am SO GLAD we don’t have to go against you! (Although if we meet at champs, then we should alliance together). :slight_smile: