pic: Team 399 Chassis and Arm

Here is Team 399’s robot chassis and arm. The end effector is shown with our gripper prototype. This may change by the time we ship.
Weight ~= 85 lbs

Awesome! Looks… familiar. :slight_smile:

Have you done any analysis on the lightening pattern on the arm?

Looking good.

When do we get some video of this thing?

Yeah this is a design that our advisor and some students had worked out at least a year ago using a vice and inventor. I will see if I can get you the information.

Hope to have some video for you by this weekend. We had a dry run last Saturday and all seems to be working well.

I like the plate in the back to line up to the tower. It looks like it should let you have a really fast Minibot deployment.

I was wondering how teams were going to be able to pull off this design with the bumber rules. very cool way around the bumper.

I can’t wait to see a video of this thing in action. Maybe you guys will have a full on video before 118 does. Is it possible that someone will? Has anyone ever done it?

I believe 121 beat 118 to the punch in 2008.

Well now we’ll be working on posting a video as soon as possible :stuck_out_tongue: The robot now has electronics and is moving. We are currently working on deployment of the minibot and programming tweaks.

looks familiar …

I don’t know if it was intentional or not but in your minibot video in the first half second of the video the bot isn’t blurry.

Ha ha, yeah I noticed that too :wink: We have no problem in showing off the minibot, just using it as a tease. I will be sure to have the unblurred video posted to our Facebook and web site by tonight.

Yes it does Joe.
Except how it grabs the tubes…we got that covered.:slight_smile:

Nice work Rene!

Thanks Glenn! As mentioned in the description, the gripper may change, we have a roller claw in the works that may change the end effector before ship date. I will release updated video/images once it has been completed.

Looks good, kinda like 330 in 2007. I like it. :D. Wow i just look up your guys team number and realized that we were allianced with you guys in 2007. At the Los Angeles Regional. Good luck this year. :slight_smile:

Nice! looks really good, haha i wish team 442’s weight was that low.

Looks great! I really like those chain tensioners on the arm.

If you have some weight to spare, you may be able to add a gas shock that supports the arm and aids the shoulder joint motor in holding its position. The geometry looks like it might work if linked between the arm motor’s cross bar mount and somewhere within the first 12-18" of the orange part.

Looks like they had an issue with this later. I hope you guys had a spare. Good luck.