pic: Team 399 Claw Prototype 2 - Roller Claw(In Progress)

Water Jet cut pieces of our second claw, the roller claw.
This material is 1/4" plexi. The final product will be 5/8" plexi.

Hopefully you mean polycarbonate and are just referring to it as plexi. If you are using plexiglass (acrylic), it’s going to shatter.

Cory beat me to it. Any kind of acrylic will be a disaster. Polycarb is the only way to go.

If it were acrylic, wouldn’t it shatter in the waterjet?

5/8" polycarbonate is honestly probably overkill. 3/8" polycarbonate is quite hefty by itself.

I was told it was plexi. I will check again with the team member who designed it.

If we do use the polycarb, we might put LED’s inside for the feeder signal light. Imagine a color changing claw!

Also, I forgot to thank NASA Dryden for the WaterJetting!

No you can cut acrylic fine in a waterjet. You can even cut glass.