pic: Team 399 Control Box - Button Panel(In Progress)

In Progress
Our control box, more specifically, the button panel. More to come. This box will be complete tomorrow, pics to come.
This will be our nicest looking control box ever!
We have yet to put on the chrome fiberglass sticky sheet on the top.

Looks like we arn’t the only ones using a missile switch and arcade buttons for the operator :ahh:

Looks awesome

Our robot looks almost exactly the same aswell…

Any chance it will include Pacman style sound effects?

Lay this sexy button panel on a smooth, glossy black box which when opened displays the DS and joysticks in a sea of red felt. Best control box ever.

That information can neither be confirmed nor denied… :stuck_out_tongue:

We are going to possibly mount a Staples Easy Button in that empty space behind the missile switch!

I will post another picture of the complete product.