pic: Team 399 Electronics

A top down view of our electronics.

Looks really sweet.
Just throwing it out there, you can remove the C-rio cards that you are not using. it will save you from worrying about those cards

Looks nice. Questions – 8 40 amp circuits? We can only use 4 cims, what are the others for. You will want to pull the breakers from the other lower amp circuits you are not using – all are full with no wires.

The breaker is sized for the wire it feeds. 40 amp breakers can feed #12 or larger wire. Good call on removing breakers on unused circuits.

Very nice job. A recommendation would be to tie down the power wiring going to the Jags close to the Jag so it doesn’t get pulled out of the connector somehow. Can you see the LEDs on all your Jags?

Thank you! We will definitely take your recommendations into consideration. As for the LEDs, yes we can see them. We may make some modifications as we have cleared some space.

Where are the 12 gauge wires going off of the power distribution board? I like how they just disappear, and the jags are powered with magic…

Those are actually 10 Gauge wires!:yikes:
That was the only stuff we had on hand. It is very interesting to route those wires.
They run under the board, through the holes, and up to the jags.

Our advisor told me that we might actually want to fall over, to show everyone our handiwork! :stuck_out_tongue:
He also said this is the neatest wiring 399 has ever done!:smiley:

Same here, first year where our wiring actually looks pretty much planned except for double rainbow ribbon cables for Digital Side Cars. I bet 2012 will be a game focused on proper wiring :slight_smile:

It’s a nicely done board!

Don’t be surprised if 2791’s electronics board (and robot…) looks kind of exactly the same this year. We swear, it was an accident :rolleyes:

Can your arm self-right the robot? Do you score on the top row backwards?

Your inspector will want to look at the bottom I am sure.
For most teams, #10 wire is a good choice for feeding drive controllers. It has about half of the series resistance of #12 and therefore half the voltage loss.

Thanks Chris! Now I am looking forward to seeing our “twin” bot :slight_smile: At this point the robot can not right itself, but we may be adding this feature by other means if necessary. Our tipping point is about 80-85 degrees so we don’t expect to do much “tipping” since our CG is very low.

As for scoring on the top row backwards, this really depends on which claw we are using for competition. We have 2 iterations of a pneumatic claw and one roller claw. We will probably be deciding this weekend after driver testing.

Nicely done!

We have a new electrical team this year, and our wiring currently looks like spaghetti…

Can those jags really be that close to each other?
If they can, I personally don’t prefer the smell of melting plastic. I guess seeing Victors fry like eggs on our bot in 08 will always worry me, so I space the Jags an inch apart on every side.

Regardless, the whole board is a great maximization of minimal space. Nicely done.

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