pic: Team 399 in Action!

Here it is ladies and gentleman, our robot TnT, in honor of Thomas and Tyler Duggins who passed away this season and last. I will post the highest scoring match picture next.

Is this the Van Nuys scrimmage game?

Birmingham Sectional. Usually at Chatsworth, but moved because of conflict. Nice seeing you there. Awsome looking robot. Really cool to see it in action.

Oh dang, thats my robot next to it!!! AHAHAHAH 599 all the way!!! You cant see its functions, but its there. ahahaha.

Hey well we were there, team 589!

hahahaha. oh yeah. I remeber. Yeah, but that is definitely Birmingham, because we never went to Van Nuys to compete. That day was so much fun!!!

Wow. The robot looks awesome, 399. I’m hearing all this commotion about Van Nuys, but we’re like 3000 miles away from it. Even that, I hope to see you all kick butt with it at Chesapeake in two weeks.

It looks like that you are using two sets of 4-wheel rollers, but for what? (I know that one of them is obviously for harvesting.)

Below, I have some questions that I would like answered before you guys come to Chesapeake that’ll help us for scouting:

How does it work?
How well does it drive?
How many autonomous modes do you have and what are you planning to do in them?
How many balls are you guys storing and how good are you on defense?

The four sets of wheels on top are used to “double shoot” the balls. Our robot uses the four bottom wheels to gather the balls and put them in line to shoot. We can also have them remain in the orange section of our robot to reverse the drives and shoot them in the single point goals. Our robot drives extremely well, at least thats what the drivers tell us. As for our autonomous modes, we have several which we unfortunately could not test at the scrimmage. However, we tested it back at the high school and all went well. We may have to make several adjustments when we arrive in Annapolis though. Anyhow please be sure to check our website for more info on the bot, which will be updated in the following week or so.

As for team 599, you guys were great! The finals were a real test of what the competition really will be like. We should team up! lol. Good luck at the regionals!

Thanks. Yeah that would be cool. We were so scared of everyone’s robots when they first came in… ahahaha. a little funny how ours were two of the few that could work from the start. ahaha. See you at SoCal, unless you are going to AZ, in which ill say, see you in 5 days.