pic: Team 399 Prototype Gripper

One of our tube grabber prototype systems using an actuated claw. We are also working on a roller claw system.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a teaser video of our minibot:

kinda reminds me of this

looking good!

Very nice, john was telling me about that.

I thought the same thing.

Looking good 399.

Haha… I wonder where the inspiration for that came from.

Ha ha, we take design inspiration from one of the best :wink: However, the difference from the 330 bot is that the claw is actuated. I’ll be sure to post our roller claw prototype as soon as the latest version is completed.

Curious, why actuate with a pivoting upper claw versus the retracting lower foot like 300 did. Easier to make?

We prototyped a very similar claw to 330 circa 07 using the retracting foot. The retracting foot works well, but it does require the foot to actually lift the tube off the ground a small amount to get it into the gripper. This was a relatively small problem to overcome, but one way to circumvent it would to do what 399 did here and pivot the top like a more “standard” type claw.


Yes this is exactly why we went with this method of implementation. The arm is also not a telescoping arm and will have an “elbow”. So this implementation was easier to develop with the articulating arm. Full robot photos to follow soon.

Also our minibot prototype can be found here.

What is the pad that you have on the fingers?

I really like it guys! Good implementation.