pic: Team 399 The Tin Man 3d print!

Our school was recently given a 3d printer from NASA. (Thanks Nasa!) As a little test of the resolution of the printer, and to learn how to use the software, we decided to print out our CAD of our robot. This is the largest size object that it can print. It is approximately a 8.33 scale.

So, the dimensions are 6" tall, ~4" wide, ~3" long.
It is made of ABS plastic, and took 33 hours to print


I’m so jealous. This is SO cool.


What, no moon rocks?

Otherwise I would officially declare this, “Cool”*

*It must be taken into consideration that I am by no means cool, I barely know the definition of the word (below 67 right?)

Man, I wish I had a 3D printer so I could make models of FRC robots and play with them like action figures… It would make strategy a billion kinds of fun!

Good job. We joke to our coach that he needs to buy us a portable 3-D color printer for our scouting meetings.

Moon rocks are on their way! :smiley: The printer is tasked for a little while, but as soon as it is free, i will print some out :cool:

That Looks AWSOME!! My school has a printer too and I am really looking forward to trying the same thing based off the CAD model in my avatar. I also want to try to make a key chain with little moon rocks!:smiley:


That looks really awesome :smiley: 3D printers are so sweet. I really wish that we had one (though for all I know, we might. It’s probably just hidden back in one of the art rooms :confused: )

Hmmm, I smell a fundraising opportunity here…

Wait until you see the painted version :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t update the CAD model after changing your scoring mechanism?

I’m not sure if the CAD team updated the model. I will have to ask them tomorrow at our team meeting.

You still can… with LEGO! Last year I made about 10 little LEGO models on some of my favorite robots over the year… it was fun.

I wish my school had one of those!:wink:

Oh man that is sweet. Here is the painted version:


That would be a no, I used the latest CAD that i could find. Although, the lift arms did print, they flaked off during the sodium-hydroxide bath. We could make a simple roller and melt it on.

This is just about the coolest thing ever… i want…

AMAZING amount of detail! Everything, the sprockets, the pneumatic cylinders, the compressor, it’s all there…
Great Job! I’m jealous!

There was more. some of the finer details fell off in the very basic wash to remove the soluble support plastic. ::safety:: are definitely needed, as well as thick rubber gloves. (it has a Ph of 13)

There were lift gates, a power distribution board, our “thwhacker” (an arm to push the balls out), and our follower wheels.