pic: Team 3990: Tech for Kids Robot at New York Tech Valley Regional

This is Flappy Bot, the 3rd robot created by Team 3990: Tech for Kids (Montréal, Québec, Canada). It got us to the finals and earned the Quality Award at the inaugural 2014 New York Tech Valley Regional.

Congratulations for your third straight win! I was curious about your alliance selection though. I wasn’t at all surprised that you chose 3360, but when it came to 4950, I agree that it was an excellent passer, but why 4950 rather than any other passer? That was all I was wondering about. Thanks!

The 2nd choice must go along with the 1st choice. Choosing 3360 would be useless if we didn’t choose 4950, and vice-versa. We took a bet since 4950 was our top choice for the 2nd alliance selection round: they were low in the rankings, nobody really cared or paid attention to that team, and they were the perfect fit for 3360, so we were pretty sure nobody would draft them.

4950 was the perfect fit: quick inbounding with a simple gravity-powered mechanism, capable of precisely dropping the ball for 3360 rapid picker, and playing defence for the rest of the cycle. 4950 was overlooked by almost all teams. They were way better than 3360 or us, 3990, and they did perfectly what they were built for: inbounding/assisting.

I see … thanks and congratulations once again!

At the end of qualifications, we were ranked 9th, but weren’t even picked for the elimination round. Could you please give us some pointers or tell us what we did wrong? Thanks!

Don’t consider your results and the fact that you didn’t make it to eliminations as a failure. You guys should continue on the same path and keep improving as you did over the past three years :slight_smile: The fact that you guys had a Dean’s List in 2013 accounts for the incredible team you guys are!

That being said, I would revise the thinking behind this year’s design. Your robot was built for catching, but it didn’t effectively and reliably catch truss shots from alliance partners. Add that to the facts that it was a very high robot - the higher it is, the easier it is to tip and fall since the center of gravity is so high - and that the picker wasn’t consistent and reliable enough: I can’t speak for all but that would be the main points that might explain why other teams didn’t invite you on their alliance.

The key to success is to focus on what yields the most results according to the limitations you have, work with it and make something simple, reliable and consistent enough. If you need more details, don’t hesitate to PM me.

Thanks for your advice. We’ll definitely keep it in mind for next year. Can’t wait to be on the winning alliance with you guys next year :smiley: