pic: Team 3990: Tech for Kids Robot at the 2014 Montreal Regional

This is Flappy Bot, the 3rd robot build and created by Team 3990: Tech for Kids (Montréal, Québec, Canada). The robot got us a win at the 2014 Montreal Regional and earned the Industrial Design Award.

You guys had a great robot, and a well deserved win. Congratulations.

I had the pleasure of being on an alliance with you at NY Tech Valley Regional and I only had a few moments to glance at your robot while we were queuing and forming strategy for that match.

I was very impressed with how compact and low profile your robot was, while still maintaining a great launch. Can you please share details or photos on your launch mechanism?

We’ll be more than happy to share details! We are currently in the process of gathering schematics, pictures and build notes, and will release everything soon on our website. I will PM you when it will be done and available.

I’d be happy to receive some details on such an amazing robot as well! Please PM me when it’s ready. Thanks!