pic: Team 4 ELEMENT: Phoenix XI

This is one of the coolest robot pics I’ve seen from this season. That’s a good looking arm. Thanks for sharing this!

it’s simultaneously really funny and really unnerving to just see “4” on a bumper

Thanks for the support Humza!

It really saves us time and money only having to embroider one number on each side. I definitely don’t take it for granted.

Bummer you guys aren’t going to champs, I was very impressed with your bot this year.

Thanks Adam. We’ll be cheering you guys on here at home. Luckily, your flashlight will be easy to spot on the webcast.

What wheels are those? Painted colsons of some sort?

McMaster link

Rubber wheels with custom hubs for hex shafts. Similar to Colsons.

After prototype testing various wheels, we determined that durable wheels would be best. They are on the heavy side but take Defenses like nobody’s business. And they came in Team 4 Blue! That was the deciding factor*.

*not really