pic: Team 4 ELEMENT presents Baymax

Team 4 ELEMENT presents Baymax, our 2015 robot. Just waiting for off-season comps to start.

I have some concerns; I think your robot is lacking in non-threatening huggable design. I fail to see how that chain lift makes it a better recycling companion.

I think it currently has the “Recycle Rush” memory card installed. For some shipping and handling fees, you can upgrade to the Healthcare card!

Love the name!

Forgot to mention that his vinyl covering was removed so you all can see his “killer actuators.”

We have to make sure his battery is charged because otherwise he starts to say things like, “I’m healthcare, your personal Baymax companion.”

Does he have carbon fiber? Hyper-spectral cameras? Can he lift over 1000 lbs? Where did you get those actuators (since I doubt you made them in-house)? How many autonomous routines have you programmed?

But of all teams, yours definitely deserves to have a robot named Baymax.

For those playing along at home, the reply we were looking for was:

And I fail to see how you fail to see that it’s awesome.

I love how Disney named one of the characters from their movie after your 2015 robot (I mean they even listed your team in the credits for it!) :wink:

Yes to all of those, and we did in fact make those actuators in house. We only have two autonomous routines programmed, but the ability to do basically anything*.

*Flying/saving the world not yet implemented.

I agree, how thoughtful of them!