pic: Team 4 Robot "Tipping Test"


Here’s a short wmv clip of a “tip test” for our robot:


Needless to say, we didn’t tip in competition in Atlanta…

the scariest part of it is how fast the robot actually springs back to center
i <3 low cg

woah! awesome

Wait a second, isn’t that the robot that you put together for GTR, and not your original robot? Did you compete with that thing?

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, compare these:
The original, and apparently dearly departed is above; the new and possibly improved is below. The new one was built because the old one was trapped in a warehouse in California for a bit too long…

I spoke with folks on their team. Apparently, they opted to ditch their original appendage to play defense. The drive base from the original robot remained…but they built a whole new structure for up top.

All of the sheet aluminum structure above the frame on the “original robot” was for shooter and ball collector mechanisms which we planned to modify on Thursday at GTR. The shipping snafu killed those plans, so we built the “One-Day Wonder”. When we got our original robot in playing condition on Sat at GTR, we found ourselves in a purely defensive role in our alliances. In SF1-2 at GTR, we tipped early in the match with our somewhat top-heavy robot. We decided, as a team, to make our robot as effective and reliable as possible - no more tipping.

In Atlanta, we removed the shooter/ball collector housings from the original robot, mounted a 1/4" aluminum plate under our chassis and built the lightest weight “superstructure” as practical to allow us to block shots. So, our competition robot in Atlanta was a “hybrid” of the original robot and the GTR “One-Day Wonder”. With the significant changes, we weren’t quite ready for “prime-time” on our Friday qualification matches, but performed much better in our two final qual matches on Saturday.

We were asked to do the same thing by 70 and 1114. Off came 17 lbs. of high-mounted camera, launcher, and tilt motor assemblies, all with modular power and signal connections we will soon restore, and on went 17 lbs. of Canadian-supplied solid steel bars to our base frame. The result was one fun bot to throw around in the Curie eliminations.

Needless to say, 1114 won’t be getting their steel back until after IRI, and only if they ask nicely. shameless self-promotion alert Potential IRI suitors, please keep us in mind if you’re looking for a strong defensive partner. :slight_smile:

Woah! I just can’t believe my eyes! That’s incredible!

Very impressive, indeed!

Very Nice!

Gots to love the lo CG :cool:

our bumpers were the major reason we stayed upright. That video was just sick.

At first I thought Brina was crazy
The next second i couldnt believe my eyes
I loved how amazed I was :smiley: