pic: Team 40 Mini FRC 2007: Rack'em and the Rack

One of our student’s robots, “Rack’em”, scoring a tube on the rack.

was it a common thing that the tubes got stuck inside rack? I wonder if the same will happen with the FRC size rack

They purposely put the excess tubes inside the rack to store them when not in use.

Not really. If they fell they didn’t fall into the goal, but moreso bounced off the side rails/other spider legs. I can imagine if someone felt the need to shoot/throw them into the rack that they may land differently.

That’s a great way to prototype. I didn’t think of that.

Jessica, any chance you’ll be bringing this setup down to Atlanta? I might just have to put together a Vex bot after build season if you do.

This is so cool.

Anyone want to make a micro-rack using donuts as game pieces?

Cool Mini field 40, does the green light actually work? :confused:
If you are taking it to Atlanta consider hosting a mini-championship.:cool:

-Dan Karol

that would a pretty cool event to see in atlanta… because it isn’t required at all… and would be if random teams brought smaller versions of there robots… it would be pretty fun if you ask me!:smiley:

Yes the green lights work :D. 4" Cold cathode tubes. Great for prototyping autonomous modes before the robot is built.

Nice robot…

So may I ask… how do you get your Vex arm to extend AND retract? I’m having a TON of trouble with that on mine and it’s making me really mad. Also, is that a lazy susan that your arm rotates on?

Pretty awesome! This is a great way to prototype! To bad my kids don’t own VEX kits…