pic: Team 4004 Robot Teaser

This is the closest the robot has come to being put together this year. It will be a long weekend for team 4004.

I spy, with my little eye, a stryke force swerve

This is something we were considering in the off-season as well. We made a few prototype modules that looked promising but simply ran out of time before build to fully figure out the details. They look like some beautiful modules, and I will definitely be checking out how these drive throughout the season.

Any significant changes you made to the original design to suit your needs?

haha. Yea we talked to stryke force at our state competition last year about how it works. Instead of driving with 775 pro’s, my team decided to go with cim motors. We also made different brackets and changed some dimensions on the cylindrical Delrin parts. One thing we wanted is to easily replace a pod in case something goes wrong, so we made them attach to the bottom of the frame with 6 bolts each.

That is like our robot except ours have 15 more pieces

haha nice! yea we still need to add a climber…

I know that feeling…

Looking good! You are always welcome to bring it over to our new build shop and try it out on a full field.