pic: Team 401 Drivetrain Teaser

4 inch wide, ~8 inch diameter.

Will this be a live or dead axle setup? Also, how did you come to the conclusion that you need 4" wide wheels?

Can anyone else say LOW RIDER! What is that, <1"?

How low is that? Don’t forget about the half inch bump aorund the the lane divider.

Your design looks great, but i caution against using the Igus pillow blocks for your drive system. We used them in 2006 and they broke every two or three rounds. We often would drive around with 3 wheels. Igus has great stuff, but those plastic pillow blocks don’t stand up to well to the stress that a drive train takes.

i think people forget that these are linear bearings and there intended purpose is to have that anodized aluminum rod slide freely through it.
i feel many teams out there look through the kit and see these aluminum rods and immediately think they are meant to be axles seeing as axles for the kit drivetrain don’t come in the kit. I’d say get a 3/8ths or 1/2inch bolt and use that for an axle and don’t trust a 150lb robot to plastic pillow blocks

Hmm… I’ll mention getting real bearings for the drive wheels… but I think that pillow blocks should be fine for the non-drive wheels.

4 inch wide drive wheels are small by 401 standards. Tetrabot had 6 inchers, and Shooterbot had 5, I believe.

You can’t see half the frame in the shot, BTW, and I think the frame is unevenly placed on the table. We have maybe a hair under an inch of clearance. Enough to jump the gap.

Wow it looks really nice but… how much clearance do you have? :eek: It doesn’t look like much. Our clearance is about 1 inch and I thought that was low. I would if I was you change out those plastic pillow blocks like everybody has stated. Otherwise you may be doing a lot of working after evey few rounds. Been there done that!

NICE! What is the tread material and where did you get it?