pic: Team 401 Overdrive -- Scoring Position

Team 401’s Robot in scoring position ready to either Hurdle or Set the Ball on the Overpass.

uhhh wow… only words that come to mind

Just wait for the final pics wensday night…with all of the manipulator painted :yikes:

wow thats really impressive.
great job!

Is it me or are there only one of those really huge drive wheels? It looks like the left side is lacking one. :confused:

Not just you:

The axle and tranny for it are clearly visible, but the wheel is nowhere to be found :ahh:

Ahhh…very observant you are.

The other wheel is being made…will be on there tommorrow night!

GOod eye:D

Havign a bigger wheel on the left side would make turning a lot easyer. That is what oval dirt track racers do sometimes in my area.

wow… is that monster within the 80" rule??
looks like a solid bot to me.

you’ve gotta love the Hokie colors! Looks sharp.

Actually don’t you mean right side?

Looks definitely impressive!


looks awsome guys!!
cant wait to see it in action at VCU!!

The 80" rule is horizontal dimension not vertical, you can go as high as you want (with the ceiling of the venue being a limiting factor).

Looking forward to seeing this in action at VCU as well.

I was talking about when they have the arm out at 90 degrees, I tried to design an arm early on exactly like this with the dual 4-bar linkage but could never get around the 80" horizontal rule. I was wondering how they solved it?

Now you have me pondering the same thing, I guess I have another reason to look for it at VCU.

To answer the many questions,

YES…it is Barely within the 80" Cylinder. That was before we cut off 4" from the front of the 4-bars.

Thanks for all the great comments!

I really like your guy’s air tank alignment (vertical down the center of the arm)…
very clean with the tubing and wiring on your board too <_< its a pretty robot

When you want to lift the arm, how fast does the piston come out, because if it is too fast, wouldn’t your bot tip over?

Nice clean robot. But can I ask, Why a tractor? lolz