pic: Team 401 Overdrive -- Scoring Position

The tractor is being automated as part of a CAPSTONE senior design project with Virginia Tech Engineering Students.

The Engineering Students from VT worked with team 401 to develop what we call “farm bot” - a GPS controlled farming robot.

Seems like it is an “invention” that can help a community…

…maybe it will be showing up in some animations this year :yikes:

Pretty colors… one of the cooler looking frame designs I’ve seen in a while.

Thanks ShaneP!

Team 401 likes making things look good.

But ironically, the shape of the frame came from us all sitting down and optimizing the design.

Each frame member has a purpose. This not only helped us to reduce weight (we are around 110lbs now with everything but lexan siding) but also made for a cool looking bot!

I can’t wait to see some video…