pic: Team 401 - Render B


Inventor Rendering of Ramp/Truss Ready for End Game.

We just did a measure on the real robot. Our ramp gives 76" of real-estate for the end game. Our ramp is 36" wide and is 12" tall for the whole 76" with the lifters delpoyed.

384 looks forward to parking on you at VCU :wink:

Mecanums with a lifterbot?

Any reason why you’d rather have maneuverablility than strength? Unless there’s an arm not shown, what advantage do you get from having mecanum wheels with a liftbot?

If I am correct, there is an arm not shown. They have alluded to it in other threads, and he said this CAD was the “Inventor Rendering of Ramp/Truss Ready for End Game.”

Is it just me or is there an arm built in to the ramp? That sure does look like a sprocket and arm mechamism in between the two ramp halves.

How did you model the mesh ramp surface?

The arm IS shown. This configuration is for the “End Game” The arm tucks back into the robot (it is affixed to to end of the truss).

Hey Gabe, where are the pistons???:ahh:

(Hopefully Gabe doesn’t mind, I think it’s been revealed already)

We have two 2-bore pistons that retract, and through some sort of linkage, raise the ramp up. The linkage becomes stable at the top of its travel, so one bot can part on the flat part and the other gets lifted a foot into the air while on the ramp.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the shop ASAP. I overslept… again.