pic: Team 401 - Teaser #2

This is a close up of the ramp/truss showing some of the drive motors/sprockets that will power the arm and the ramp/truss.

The ramp angle is around 15 degress for those who are wondering.

Are you planning on covering the grating on the ramps with any other (higher traction) material, such as carpet or rubber belting? As a potential alliance partner at VCU, 116 is curious.

The… crisscross grating thing … that you see on the surface isn’t symmetrical. If you think of them as little knife-blades, the edge points up the ramp.

I guess it’s kinda like having shingles or scales, but they’re put such that they’ll dig into whatever your traction is a bit.

It’s been a long day, I have to use analogies and generalizations…:stuck_out_tongue:

Did you make a flop-bot this year? I only ask because I don’t spy any hinges on those ramps…

EDIT: Never mind, they just hinge a little farther back then I expected… Good Idea. Nice Design!

If by ‘flop bot’ you mean a robot that only has a ramp…than that is not us!

We have our arm ready to be mounted in between the two sides of the ramps (hence the open middle). It is a fairly light weight two stage arm, that if you add the ramp, makes a total of a 3 stage arm.

Pictures will come this week!

I just love that huge aluminum sprocket…


By “flop bot” he means a bot that starts on it’s side, then falls down. This is typically used in order for teams to have a longer dimesnion (the 48"/60"/72" dimension, as opposed to either the 28" or 38") driving on the floor.


This is still not a “Flop Bot”

The ramp is around 45" long (rounded) and sits around 15 degrees.

Our robot will be 48" tall in total (starting position)

The hinges are integrated into the frame construction and the ramp (in the axle of the sprockets.

By the way, we have two huge aluminum sprockets! One to power the ramp/truss and one to power the elbow (arm).