pic: Team 4143- Mars Wars- 2015

The 2015 robot for Team 4143- Mars Wars. Robot features 4 independent chain-driven modules. Three of them are connected to passive forks, the top module is attached to a retractable hook for barrels (in Recycle Rush). The LEDs tell the operator which “mode” the robot is in. Gryo and vision are at bottom of robot. Driven by direct drive swerve- with gears.

I haven’t seen this much chain since Chainzilla.

About 50 feet of chain. None in the drivetrain.

Releasing the Creo CAD files here:

Top model is vrollerbot4.asm.

C++ code is here:

Vision coprocessor code is here:

What thought process led you to choose three separate fork systems instead of one?

Yo this robot was so dope to watch in action. So intelligently engineered, and so complex.
Watching you upset the #1 seed at your second regional with smart teamwork was also a treat.

I found this bot particularly interesting when I first saw it. In IN Districts, there is a robot that is similar, but they tilt back and load 3 totes from the Human Player station. That team is 3947. I knew the “individual tote care” would work for HP but it was cool to see 4143 work in the Landfill like it did. To say the least, it was a cool robot to see. It wasn’t the fastest at the Landfill but it definitely was good at be stable and efficient.

This robot was originally designed to lift 2 totes side by side from the handles. It had 4 bars with 2 handle hooks each. The plan was to make two 4 stacks at a time from the landfill. It was actually bagged like that. We made two robots. In after bag-day driver practice, we decided it was too difficult to hook two totes at the same time from the handles consistently.

So our thought process was: How can we fix this thing? We prototyped the forks and immediately saw the potential. We kept on iterating and eventually ended up with a pretty sound robot.

Interesting note: both of these robots will be competing side-by-side at http://www.gatewayroboticschallenge.com