pic: Team 418's Manipulator


This is our manipulator, we saw some other teams with similar designs at competition and during the early design phase.

this thing had a little problem with the field elements, getting caught up in the rack (and our driver deciding to pull the rack around with the robot, we left some pretty sweet skidmarks on the field) and tearing huge gashes in tubes. otherwise, it worked fine.

We got caught up in the rack once because we were pushed in a way that put one of the globe motors behind a pole on the rack. The drivers didn’t notice this, so when we tried to back up we were in for a suprise. As for tearing up tubes, we changed the axles at one point, and they poked the tubes until we figured out the problem.

Not much will be happening with those wires disconnected :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, looks great. Very innovative design.