pic: Team 4265 - Secret City Wildbots 2014

Team 4265 Secret City Wildbots is proud to present their robot for the 2014 game Aerial Assist.

It features our new “Dragonfly” Octocanum style drivetrain, a pneumatic shooter, “El Torro” pickup, and enough LEDs to seriously disorient the opposing alliance! (Not really)

Sick looking robot! Is there any video of this thing running?
Also, what are the black hoops made out of?

Stoked that this is finally in the wild.

These guys have some awesome driving going on! Great work again!

love the Dragonfly! It looks sick and probably preforms great I’m guessing! Good luck! I bet yall don’t need to much luck with that good of a robot though?:slight_smile:

Fantastic robot 4265! That robot looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how it does!

Hopefully we get a chance to play with you guys again!:slight_smile:

Schedule 80 PVC.