pic: Team 4334 presents Murdock

A promo poster I made for our 2013 robot, Murdock.
You can see Murdock in action here: http://youtu.be/wZJqgeHjvi4

I love the wacky frame perimeter!

What do you mean your electronics use a “terminal block system” though? I’d like to see a pic of the actual board if you have one! :smiley:

The terminal blocks are use to be able to remove the board essayer. Here’s a photo http://i.imgur.com/2GH6Xor.jpg (orange blocks for data, gray for power)

Interesting, wouldn’t it be even simpler to use some sort of a plug system?

I’ve toyed around with the idea of using 24 pin ATX connectors from PCs to connect electronics boards. I know Wago makes some similar connectors though.

The orange blocks are quick disconnects and the gray ones are simple screws.

So I must ask, someone commented on our robot picture that you had 12 tanks, and I see them in your CAD. However, I’m at a loss as to what on your robot requires 12 full tanks? :confused:

Ah, I see. Do you know model number or manufacturer for those orange ones?

Our shooter uses a pneumatic piston to fire. It’s two piston movements per shot. That plus our gear shifters and landing gear makes for some serious air requirements. It’s our first year with pneumatics and we found ourselves facing a lot of air leaks, and having 12 tanks can sometimes fix that. :stuck_out_tongue: It mostly came down to the piston taking a lot of air though. We almost went up to 16 tanks with a different bimba piston.

And we really wanted to be able to use an on-board or off-board compressor.

This year 230 had two big cylinders to hang for 10,one to fire frisbees, and another pretty big one for our scissors and we get by with 4 tanks.

Do you have a picture of this mechanism? I’m sure you could do something with a smaller piston, eliminating the need for so many airtanks AND an onboard compressor…

I have an image of a CAD rendering of the mechanism:

We needed something with the power to push a disk into the shooter consistently so we chose this mechanism.

What size cylinders are you using for that? I can’t tell from the cad, but you can’t have needed much bigger than .75, maybe an inch? And for the landing gear, probably something tiny, along with passive deployment? Is the landing gear only alignment, or does it have another function?

The inner bore of the pistons is .250. They were what was available locally and worked well. We opted to use the same piston for both the shooter and the landing gear for part standardization.

Are you sure? That’s tiny. It looks much bigger than that in the CAD render?

That is probably a mistake on the part of one of our CADers.