pic: Team 437 OffSeason

Team 437’s year 2000 FIRST robot had been doing nothing but collecting dust in a corner for the past 6 years so we decided to put it to new use. But what could we use it for? Thats when a representative from the district came in with the news that they wanted a t-shirt launcher. To us, this translated into “build us a fully mobile, semi-automatic, artillery gun with a 10 t-shirt clip.” We wasted no time and what you see before you now is the 220lb beast that was born.

Wow… How did you do the t-shirt clip? The ability to load ten at a time is amazing! Good job:)

dude, that is like wicked awesome. will we be seeing it at any of the regionals? O .o

I don’t think air cannons are allowed at regionals… at least ours wasn’t last year.

Pneumatic tanks, green lights, IFI controller, I have to say … nice ride!

Nice. Is that automaticly loading shirts from that mag on the left?

I’d be interested to hear how it works…in great detail…enough detail to replicate it if you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

TEN T-Shirt Clip! That is Awesome! :ahh:

Ten t-shirts? very cool! have any video? I love seeing different ways that teams make t-shirt shooters. Check out the video of team 1390’s in my signature. How much time do you need between each fire to bring up the psi in the pneumatics?

wow. i didn’t expect this good of a response. alright, you want a video? here is a small one on my site. to answer the clip questions, there is a small part of the video that shows it loading. should be pretty self explanatory. I programmed it to be a one button reload. all automated. it takes about 5 seconds between shots. could probably make it faster but the reloading has some extra time built in so in case a jam happens we can press the all stop button and go unjam it. i was surprised but out of every single football game this year it only jammed twice and both times it was because we tried to load it after a t-shirt was already in it.

if your going to the lone star regionals you sure will

I’m wondering whether we could bring this to the lonestar regionals as our “mascot”. we could run it on a VERY long tether to prevent it from interfering with the other robots. its really safe because we have built in redundant safety systems. in both hardware and software.

FIRST would probably frown on the launcher, but they certainly will not allow it to shoot at any competition. You could, however, make a nice presentation out of it explaining its features and how it was a nice way to work with the school.

Wow, I’m impressed.
We made something similar but I think yours works especially well considering ours uses two very large air tanks, while yours is using what looks like 4 kit cylinders.

Are you using sprinkler valves for solenoids?

we are using 6 kit of parts tanks and one large tank near the front of the robot for our pneumatics. also a 20lb tank of Co2 for firing the thing. we compress the pneumatics tanks with TWO kop compressors.

for your second question. originally we where using two sprinkler valves. one for filling the firing tank and the other to use as a pilot for The SGTC Supah-Valve. we eliminated the sprinkler valve to fill the firing tank however just because it was redundant and because it was run off a normally closed solenoid, the solenoid was open most of the time, and we where running the ac solenoid of 24volts dc. as a result, it was getting quite toasty and we didn’t wanna risk a failure. plus. the fewer parts there are, the fewer that can fail.

also, if anyone wants a larger shot of the robot, try here and here
if you want more detailed shots or better quality video, feel free to send me a HD camcorder or 11megapixel camera

yes btw, for those with keen eyes, that is the year 2000 First Controller. Team 437 really broke out the bleeding edge technology on this bad boy.

how did you guys get such a good seal on the breech?

well our breach is constructed from 4 3" pipe couplers with the ridge taken out of them on a lathe and then those all had there outside dimension taken down a little on the lathe as well so that they would slide into a 4" pipe. we then pvc cemented the whole thing together and then just let it dry. it seals perfectly.