pic: Team 441 Devil Dogs - Driver Station

This is our diver station that won the “Innovation in Control Award Sponsored by Rockwell Automation”.

We have an array of targets on the screen that tells the robot which target to align to. It also has some options for shooter speed on the sides.

I never got a chance to see this up close at dallas-west or lone star. Can you give a little more detail about the setup?

That looks like an touch screen to me, am I correct?
How did you guys interface the touch screen with the DS?

Looks really cool. Congrats on the award, defininty well earned.

I can’t get into much detail on how its interfaced just yet…but it’s an iPad that goes through a few interfaces. then into the DS via usb. Note* The netbook doesn’t read it as a USB HID device.

Jacobs Engineering invited us to one of their engineering meetings to demonstrate it and how we got it to align to the selected targets.

Thank you!