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is painting the tanks legal?

is painting the tanks legal?

Isn’t the paint just a non-functional decoration? FRC190 painted them to look like NOX bottles a few years ago, iirc.

I like the color scheme, and with mandatory bumpers this year, you can “almost” guarantee that the paint will still be there at the end of the season!


I suspect the inspectors would have to get a ruling from the Lead Inspector or FIRST. My gut feel is you shold have masked of the labeling so it can be seen. Otherwise, how else could they verify they are Bimbas?

The paint does fall under a decorational item and to verify that the reservoir tanks are still Bimba, there is a Manufacturer and model number etching on every tank. The etching can still be seen thru the paint to verify that are part of the FIRST kit.

The manual says:

<R92> Pneumatic components supplied in the Kit Of Parts (compressor, regulators, pressure
switches, cylinders, valves, fittings, tubing, etc.) can not be modified except as follows:
 The tubing may be cut.
 The wiring for the valves and pressure switch may be modified as necessary to interface
with the control system.
 Mounting and connecting pneumatics components using the pre-existing threads, mounting
brackets, etc., is not considered a modification of the components. Removing the pin from
the rear of an air cylinder is allowed as long as the cylinder itself is not modified.
Do not, for example, file, machine, or abrasively remove any part of an air cylinder. Consider
pneumatic components sacred. They must remain in “out of the shipping box” condition.

I’d Q&A it.

i really would like to find out if painting the cylinders is aloud. Any one know how i can find out?


Ask you team Main Contact to post, if it is not already.

It looks pretty :smiley: lol
sweet color scheme and I hope painting the cylinders is allowed because it looks really cool. also interesting way of putting the drivetrain, or at least part of the drivetrain, on the inside of the chassis I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. :slight_smile: