pic: Team 45 and their robot.


Can anyone say banana?

Speed Limit 45? Baker that is waaayy to slow for this game! :slight_smile:

I’d tell you it’s a nice looking robot but it looks like you’ve prepared it for a little rain! Care to share some real pics?

See you at the comps!


A few members from team 45 made it over to Muncie for a 6-team scrimmage last Sunday. We transported our robot, “ham tray”, in the back of my truck. Since it was raining, we made a tarp and saran wrap cocoon for it. This picture was taken at the end of the day, as we were ready to leave.

The rest of the team was home in Kokomo, either working on the backup robot or resting from a long day on Saturday.

Thanks to team 1720, PhyXt Gears, for hosting a great event.

Andy B.

Ham Tray? Is this a pig farmer thing or a pig latin thing?

The students named the robot. It’s a long story. One of them should explain.


If the TechnoKats have a ham tray in their pit, I believe several volunteers will be stopping by for a visit. :slight_smile:

looks like something Arefin might’ve helped with…

Hmmmm…business idea…custom covers for FIRST robots. Use team colored fabric and embroider their name/logo/number on it. I like it!!

Care to add another product to the AndyMark lineup? :slight_smile:

nice robot. Hope it works well for you, although the colors clash with the shirts.
Care to post any of the specs?

Where was this product in 2005? 116 could have used it at a certain offseason event. :stuck_out_tongue:

Psst…Andy and team 45, you guys didn’t get the memo that it’s not a water game this year:D . Sorry I couldn’t resist and I’m surprised nobody beat me to it. I’m sure whatever is under that tarp is a high quality Technokat machine Good Luck!

Shush you…
we weren’t the only ones who got a little wet…we just got the wettest. :rolleyes:

The shirts say “Ft/S” also you just can’t see it =].

“Ham Tray” comes from and Andy Baker story. When we were deciding on the design of our robot Andy decided to tell us a college story. He talked about how he was in a Frat and the meetings always lasted way longer than what they should. If I remeber right there was a guy that was in charge of punlic affairs or something like that, and he went on and one about a ham tray at one of the meetings. After that any time someone wanted to stop a certain discussion in the metting, they said “Ham Tray” and that was the end of it. After Baker told us this story we started using it during our meetings. When we were trying to come up with a robot name that somehow snuck its way onto the board of ideas, and it won.

Is your robot inside that yellow thing?

haha, yea its in there. It looks a lot better without the yellow though.

Andy were you at Muncie and I missed you? I kept thinking when i was driving… “Don’t hit andy… don’t hit andy… bad luck if your own transmissions run in to their creator…”

You’re guys robot is SO awesome! Love the concept!

I remember we were watching your gripper-go-round (as our team dubbed it) and had trouble concentrating on what we were doing. (Not that that would be a strategy… :] )


We’ve been trying to think of a name for that move… “gripper-go-round” may be the best so far. “Overhead Trackball bowling” is another one I’ve heard.

I’m sure that there will be some names next week in St. Louis.


Apparently, you didn’t see when 1501

DID RUN OVER Andy…one of our new “rookie” drivers…thanks for stopping our bot.

Sorry about that Andy… :wink:

It reminds me of Mission Mayhem at the Fort Lauderdale, FL Science Museum in 2005. I had to do something similar to get the robot back to Jupiter, FL. Hurricane Dean was off the Tampa coast.

OK, so I was asked to explain what “Ham Tray” means. To make a VERY long story short, when Andy was in college, the term was used at meetings to prevent people from going into tangents and/or over explaining something. When this would happen, a person would raise their had, say “hamtray” and then the meeting would continue with what was next. So this year, Andy noticed that we would go into many different tangents with pointless discussions, so he introduced “hamtray” to us. Fast forward to the last meeting before ship, and we were deciding on what to call the robot. Someone began to go off on a tangent, so I called a “hamtray” to make the very long meeting hurry up. From that point, we decided to add it to the potential names on the board, and it ended up winning. So in other words, it is an inside joke.

P.S. As a team decision, you will have to wait for a while until some real specs and pics are posted. For some, this will come at St. Louis. For everyone else, it will be just a little bit after that. For now, treat this picture as a game hint! : )