pic: Team 45 (Haynes)

This is our 2012 entry to the FIRST Robotics Competition

This is our 2012 robot.
Drive train-4 CIMs in an AM Supershifter, 6 6inch colson wheels centerdrop
Intake-2 BB 775, 2 intakes 1 in front and 1 in back
Shooter-2 bow limbs with a basket attached to a winch
Winch-powered by an AM PG71 gearmotor, pneumatic clutch and brake system
Ramp lowerer-Windshield wiper shaped arm that becomes a wedge(currently)

Auto-align and auto-wind capable

Sensors to detect balls in robot

Super Bright LEDs can track target 55+ feet away

Catapult can fire ~50 feet