pic: Team #4539 Finished Stronghold Robot

This robot looks intricate. Are you using a Mecanum wheeled shooter ?

Yeah. We tried a bunch of different 4" wheels and for some reason, the mecanum produced a much more accurate and powerful shooter. Not sure if it is the weight of the mecanum wheels that is helping, or what it is. We tried Colson wheels figuring the weight would be similar, but mecanums were still better.

It was a bit of a pain, but we managed to run our entire intake off from one 775pro motor, even with the intake pivoting outside our frame. There is a lot of linkage, but it seems to work very well.

Our drive team put a lot of time into refining our shooting mechanism so it is consistent. We decided that having a higher up shooter was going to be an advantage after reading how many robots were going to be constructed low.

Looking good 4539! I’m excited to see the robot up close and working in about a week. I’m sure Lake Superior will be fun again this year!

FYI…while watching the Palmetto Regional, we unanimously decided our robot this year will be named…Ernie.

So, we are proud to present…Ernie.