pic: Team 4592 Ball Shifting Gearbox - Optimized for Half Field

The other Gearbox


Reduction Ratio: 12:70
High: 50:44
Low: 34:60
High Speed (adjusted): 14.6 Ft/s
Low Speed (adjusted): 7.29 Ft/s
Weight: Approx 2.3 Lbs

This is my second ever shifting gearbox. This was designed with a field with obstacles in mind, like 2012 or 2004.
EDIT: PM me for STEP files.
EDIT 2: The gearbox can also hold a 14:68 ratio to give it the following speeds
Low: 7.29

Looks like you’re going for 6 CIMs. I’d recommend looking into the RoboRIO’s response to voltage drops and determine if 6-cim is worth it.

We would most likely mount 2 cims and a mini cim due to the brown out voltage of the roboRIO. You can read about some of the measures we plan to take to avoid brown-outs in the thread for the other gearbox: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=140537