pic: Team 45's Mascot


Here is the new Mascot for Team 45…i dont think he has a name yet.

“Mom, I found him outside this costume shop…can we keep him?”

“Of course, dear, everyone loves technokittens” :smiley:

Are there any ideas of what youre going to call him/her?

The eyes & face remind me of a shark. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice mascot!

Meee-OW. :wink:

What poor soul has to wear the costume at competition?
I vote Fluck.

So do I!

Well part of the time at least… :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’re the glowsticks and pacifier and candy necklaces?!

I thought there was Techno involved…?


A raving technokat :slight_smile: that’d be awesome

Word on the street is Cyber Blue may be borrowing our school mascot for Atlanta… maybe :]