pic: Team 461: Rowdy 13

Robot Specifications:

4 Cim motors geared down 20.7:1 through 9" skyway wheels
3/16 center drop
Top speed: ~9 ft/sec.

Knurled Tubing Rollers
BaneBot RS-550 26:1

Urethane Round Belting (Polycord)
BaneBot RS-550 104:1
Polycarbonate front and funneling

Kickup Wheel:
Two blue BaneBot Wheels
BaneBot RS-550 16:1

Hooded shooter with 2" compression
Two 2008 KOP Wheels
Two 2011 Fisher-Price Motors through AM Planetaries
~5000 RPM
90 degree Turn (45 degrees each way)

IR sensors for a running ball count
Mangetic Gear Tooth Sensor
Vision Tracking through BeagleBoard
Potentiometers, encoders, etc.

Good Luck!

Wow our robot looks just like that very similar design its scary. Even the shooter is a similar design.

Here is our robot http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1132143#post1132143

Awesome robot Good Luck at competition.

Wow it most certainly does! Good luck to you too!


Looks good.

A few small questions:

  1. by kickup wheel, do you mean a bridge tipper? or something else?

  2. you say the turret uses a GT sensor yet I see a multiturn pot on the turret gearbox… redundant sensors?

  3. Have there been any issues with the mount location of the Main Breaker? it looks like it could be in danger of getting hit by a stray ball (which could in theory shut down the bot).

Otherwise, I like the design. I look forward to seeing it at BMR.

Something similar happened to us in Boston last year, an other robot, or a tube, found the breaker during our last qualification match and the robot just stopped. This year we placed the breaker in a position that should prevent this. Your breaker seems to be in a position very similar to the position ours was in last year.

By kickup wheel we mean a set of wheels to control ball flow into the shooter. When we want to shoot, the kickup wheel throws a ball into the shooter, which then shoots the ball.

The gear tooth sensor is on a sprocket attached to the wheel shaft of the shooter. It has nothing to do with turreting, just with knowing shooter RPM.

Looks good. Bumper numbering not compliant though. Maybe even skimpy corners for the bumpers too. I’m suffering from bumper-brain overload this year. Just finished ours before midnight last night in a marathon session to adapt to some perimeter changes. whish-oooooo ::ouch::

We’ll look into it, but we didn’t feel that could happen. Also, the poof balls are stiffer than the basketballs. Eitherway, it’d be as easy as slapping a tiny piece of polycarb in front of it to prevent that.

Yeah, we’re aware with the bumpers. We are awaiting our “stickers”, similar to the one on the Lift’s Lexan. But once we have those, they will go on the front of the robot.