pic: Team 467 at Boston City Hall (altwheels)

Team 467 Shrewsbury at Boston City Hall Plaza during AltWheels Alternative Transportation & Energy Festival. (Photo by a friend of mine who thought it might be a robot because I told him what I do in my spare time. This time he guessed right!)

Oh man. I totally walked by that expo without seeing any FIRST robots there. I was coming from the Government Center T stop and went right down to Quincy Market, so I must have missed your area completely!


I’m sure this was the only FIRST robot there – I wasn’t there; my friend Dave from work for some reason was there. (And I’m on team 1153, so I didn’t have a reason to be there.) I can see why you missed it – from the photo it looks like they were all the way on the north corner of the Plaza, no where near the T-stop to Quincy Market path. But it was a nice day.

Dave did tell me that the bricks were horrible to drive on, so they didn’t. He also wondered who the ZZ-Top guy was. :yikes:

You could go back today, but the Red Sox rally is there now. Lot’s more people there, I bet.

Yeah, we were in the far corner from the T stop. By the time I got there, they had already splintered on of the mounting blocks for the drive system on one side. After 5 competitions it finally broke down.

you’re wrong spidey, we broke one at beantown as well i believe.

whats that guy doing with thaT GARBAGE CAN?>!!?!?


Maybe he has a can collection and is looking to add to it!

every time i look at this picture i laugh now

i also just noticed the guy with the beard