pic: Team 469 at Gingerman Raceway

I took my GSX-R600 to the racetrack for a track day two weeks ago… What better way to number your bike than old lexan numbers from the robot. Over the winter, the race plastic will be painted up in a Las Guerrillas theme…

Wow that is cool…that looks like mad fun.
Where is Gingerman Raceway at?

That’s awesome. I’m gonna get a bike someday. It WILL be orange. No doubt about that. Now, if only I could get a job where I actually get to work. Right now I’m laid off.

But yeah… I got my motorcycle license last summer and I haven’t touched a bike since.

Gingerman is near South Haven, MI (south of Grand Rapids)…

The motorcycles are a lot of fun, and get great gas mileage too.

wow… lol well my whole CAR is gonna be PURPLE!!! and a wizard chillen on the dashboard… and yes… in the trunk will be a bunch of 7 inch foam balls… shooting out the back of the car… just like annie :smiley: