pic: Team 4701 presents Skittles!

Final version of Skittles after an arm change.

Looks good guys !

How does your robot collect totes at the chute ?

Do you remove the fork extensions to get shorter forks ?


To collect the totes at the chute door, it requires a little coordination by the drivers, but it has been practiced. The plan is to set up two totes, then grab one back up and let another one fall ontop, place the held tote ontop, and repeat the process until a stack of 4 is made…This isn’t our main strategy but it can be done if needed.

The arms detach completely off. They are stored on the back frame of the robot with studs and wing nuts. The same system is used to attach the arms to its driving mode. It has proven to be an easy transition that can be done within 60 seconds.