pic: Team 4719 Control Board

Main Board without robot. Even the board is painted black.

I don’t see the main breaker switch… It’s nice and neat though!

I love the organized wiring! Very neat and compact!

do you still need the DC/DC power regulator when you are using the VRM?

If you need more than 500ma at 5v, perhaps for an Axis ethernet camera, you will need something in addition to the main VRM. The old CPR-360 is a good choice, except that its output will start to droop when the battery voltage falls below about 7.5 volts.

Looks sharp.

Your high pressure pneumatic circuit appears to be Y split to two regulators. R71 specifies that working pressure must be provided through one primary regulator.

If you want two different working pressures (say 60 psi and 30 psi), it is just a matter of hooking the regulators in series rather than parallel to satisfy the rule.

Also, what is the purpose of the manual valve just above the lower pressure gauge? It would seem to isolate the ‘stored’ and ‘working’ sides of the pneumatic system if closed. Inspectors may find issue with this due to R78. If this valve is ever closed, then opening the pressure vent plug would not relieve all stored pressure.

Thanks for the info. We will correct both problems that you have indicated.

The dc voltage regulator on our board is for the camera.

The main breaker is on the chassis right next to our battery.

Looking sharp 4719. We here at 4334 thoroughly believe in the painted black for superior performance.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! We’re fixing them ASAP :slight_smile:

Did you put racing stripes on though?!?

Can we use the older PD 2014, for training to by the new is expensive

You can use the old PDB for practice/testing/prototyping all you want. You are required to use new PDP at competition per R25.