pic: Team 473 Rocking the Hizouse

Isn’t she a beauty?

Hey! Thats my arm :eek: . I was wondering where it went. Oh wait mine is still here. I am glad to see that others had the same idea… Or did they :ahh: . I bet the aliens came down and took pictures of it… Or that guy who was in our shop the other day might have done it!

Yeah, in any case, nice arm. Almost the exact same design as ours (see the pic I posted of our steel superstructure), but much more nicely implemented. Our most precision cutting tool is a sawzall. Can you guys actuate your claw at the wrist? There is some kind of mechanism there but I can quite make it out.

Some quick specs-

4 speed automatic trans. (thanks to team #33)
powered with kit gear reduction unit
6 wheel drive
articulation of arm and hand (powered w/ van door motor and Nippon respectively)
2 foot extension of arm for capping extra tall.

(some lightening required)

Hope you all enjoy

And very neat wiring :wink:

That is very cool. How high can it go? Looks awesome.

I like very much. Very pretty. What is that material used for your arm? Is it something common? I just haven’t seen it before. It looks very light :smiley:

Nice Arm. Please tell me you guys are going to put some lexan or pexi-glass to protect the wiring of your robot. You definitely do not want them being pulled out this year (or have another robot mistaken it as a tetra goal). Good drive system too.

How high does the arm go (fully extended)?

another 6 wheel drive bot? wow

Looks very spiffy guys.

The arm is made from 3" and 2 1/2" alum tubing then machined all of the triangles out… very time consuming, but very cool.

We do not have a for sure height in the extended position as the ceiling was limiting our movement… but math says we can go around 12’ and with the ability to manipulate the hand out there we can cap way up there too.

Thanks everyone for the compliments.

Do you have issues trying to balance the robot, something extended that high will raise the COG up a lot, and a little nudge from another bot will sure tip it over. We’ve been worried about tipping since the 1st of designing. If you have a better way to maintain balance than just hope and pray please tell me, we’re intersted.

473 has been making great FIRST robots for many years. This one looks even better. Great looking arm, low Cg base. This is one to reckon with, for sure.

Andy Baker

Thank you Mr. Baker.
Maximum height should not come into play until late in the match. Operator technique will be a factor. A glancing blow in the exactly right (wrong) spot may put any robot over.

John Lesnik


That will definitely be a great robot and do well at competitions. Excellent Work!

man! that is an AWESOME robot. :eek: FIRST teams never cease to amaze me. Good luck at the competitions!