pic: Team 476

This is my first year at using CAD of any kind. What do you think?

Looks good. I am new to CAD too, and I am working on our robot in Inventor. I am the only one doing it from our team this year.

looks pretty good. I am also in the same boat. Our rookie year and im the only one working on it. But its a lot of fun so its all good :smiley:

Same here…

Looks great!

Honestly, I think that it’s a pretty good picture. It is a nice job for your first year. Be sure to put on the link for your website, I would like to see it.

However, I think that the lighting could be a bit different, maybe even a different view (if that is your final overall pic). I believe it looks a little like some of your manufactured pieces look like you displayed them
“As Material” and they might look better if you had a rendered image of perhaps “steel (pollished)”.

The background I like, if those are your team colors (if not, I would just do something that is more simple).

I am excited to see the final product on your site. Good Work!

what kind of cad program are you using, because we have autocad and autodesk inventor, and i don’t think we can do that kind of 3d imagery.

Way cool, and very impressive:cool: :ahh:

from what ive done with inventor, i would think that was rendered in the studio part of inventor, but i could be totally wrong

wow, i there more first year inventorers than i thought. I’ll jump in the group too.