pic: Team 478 Mustang Robotics Vex Robot

What does everyone think?

nice looking bot.
were trying to get our school started in FTC and not only FRC. (I mean VRC now that I’ve been corrected)

Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on it!

Thanks for posting this bit of inspiration.

The above picture is VRC. Not FTC.

not true last year the teams still used vex kits and it was FTC.

The bot does look good. I Had a lot of fun mentoring a FTC team last year.

Is it just me, or do vex robots just LOOK way better.

I didn’t see a single FTC robot this year that I thought looked good, and I remember seeing hundreds of good looking vex robots each year.

That picture is from the VRC (Vex Robotics Competition) game “Elevation.” Only the Vex metal is competition legal in FTC game “Face Off” this year.

Agreed, but this year only VRC runs 100% on vex and in FTC, the intake rollers were illegal. And considering the game is the elevation, the picture above is from this past season.

So the above picture is VRC, not FTC.

Haha Oh My bad…

I really thought that it was FTC.

There isn’t a lot of difference between the two. VRC uses only VEX materials (I think there may be limited non-VEX items allowed, but am not sure) and is run by IFI. FTC uses a different brand of metal plus LEGOs and is run by FIRST. They target roughly the same age range and budget.

As recently as a couple of years ago (or maybe even last year), they were the same program, FVC, run by both. Then the FIRST/IFI “breakup” happened and IFI decided to go it solo, with some success.

Heres a video of us.

Yes, there are a couple of items that can be used, like string, etc.

IFI decided to go it solo, with some success.

I’d say. The VEX World Championships are this weekend in Dallas, with 281 teams competing from around the world. It will be webcast as well as on NASA tv.