pic: Team 48 at it's finest!

Here’s some shots of team 48 during their Top Gun skit.

Script can be found here:

This was probably the most original birthday present I’ve ever received. Thank you to 48 and Travis for giving us such a fun and entertaining skit!

I dont know i would say that team 48 at its finest was when 48 picked team 25 at IRI and the crowd got all confused… it hurt that no one would let me borrow their robot :frowning:

oh, and Thank you to Team 48 for having the guts to play along with my joke :slight_smile:

Too bad Karthik wasn’t there to sing to Amanda the robot :stuck_out_tongue:

What, my voice wasn’t “angelic” enough? :rolleyes:

I got a hug from Amanda the Human afterward - she liked it, so nyah! :slight_smile: