pic: Team 48 Battery Box

This is what our Team 48 electrical team designed as a battery holder this season. I think it's pretty neat, especially since it keeps the battery low to the ground. There are no ramp clearance issues to speak of. The aluminum battery carrier nestles between two frame members. The back of the carrier has two tabs that insert into slots in the frame. The front of the carrier is pinned in place. We will probably attach an insurance strap to the battery, just in case.

The battery box is nice, but…

Are those BrecoFlex belts I see? I think that is a first for Team Elite isn’t it?

See you in Cleveland.

We used the red neoprene-type Brecoflex belts in 2004 with great success. Ask 1114 about them (inside joke).

Is that a quick release pin? Much nicer than our bottom mount.

Those belts looks suspiciously similar to our 2001 belts… :yikes:
Awesome battery mount

Now i think my battery mount is weak. I must go redesign it!