pic: Team 48 Practice Bot - Exposed

Full details with more pictures and video to be posted after Miami Valley Week 2 (once we finally know what all the robot does - we’re still figuring that out ;-P).

One thing - the competition robot’s base frame is fully welded as usual - none of this namby-pamby gusseted stuff.

Also - that space between the frame and the radio? Yeah, we intend for something to go there soon.

In addition to Miami Valley, we’re competing at Smoky Mountains Week 4 and Seven Rivers Week 7. Looking Forward to a fun competition season.

Looks awesome guys! Can’t wait to compete with you in Miami Valley! Good luck!

Looks awesome as usual! I’m sad we won’t be seeing you at Pittsburgh or Buckeye this year. I always loved working with you guys!

I’ll miss 291 during the regional season as well - looks like CIA has built a solid robot. Give 'em heck.

Since they’re likely expanding the Ohio FRC State Championship to encompass the intended “WOW” district region of Western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia, hope to see you there. And there is also MVRC.

Any idea of a time line till we move to districts?

I couldn’t tell you. Gears are rotating, but how fast is hard to tell. The same challenges exist here as they do with any other region attempting to go district. Developing a diverse, experienced volunteer base seems to be one huge challenge.

Can’t wait for Miami Valley, looks like some stiff competition this year!

https://youtu.be/nP7qmGoXvO4 inb4 FIRST changes the point value of climbing :deadhorse:

Just like last year and the 2 years before that “three years away”. Always perpetually “3 years away”.

Hey it’s a shame we wont be seeing you at Pittsburgh, but we will catch you in Miami!