pic: Team 48 - xtremachen11

Here’s an updated picture of our 2008 robot. Tentative nickname - “Jimmie”. Can you guess why?

Yes, those are (non-functional) headlights. Originally, we wanted to powder coat the entire thing black, and with the new all black A-M omnis/rollers, the bot would have looked like KITT from Knight Rider. I wanted the front hood graphics to have a little David Hasselhoff guy driving the bot along with some with the red LED scanner lights on the nose of the robot, but noooooooooooooo.

This is the Thursday edition, so some things were yet to be added.

Overall, I was very pleased with how the robot, drive team, and the pit crew performed at Midwest. We’ve got some plans in the works to further “soup up” the bot for Pittsburgh, Buckeye, and Atlanta.

Informal Poll - Should we keep our mistakenly-inverted rear bumper (adding a “If you can read this, just flip me over” bumper sticker :stuck_out_tongue: ) or fix it? I’d like to keep it - what say the masses who noticed this at Midwest or via the webcast?

Turns out this was an unintentional homage to 1114’s Simbot Simon robot at the Canadian Regional in 2004, inverted team number panel and all.


Figures, as xtremachen11 uses a similar arm design to our 2004 bot that allied with the Simbots at that event. Karthik also tells me we hung on the bar at Midwest - catching air for a brief moment, bringing back fond memories of FIRST Frenzy. Ah, nostalgia…

“No, we are not Chuck 84 - we are 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E.!!!”

Yeah, I was watching the webcast and thought that the 48 on the bumper was upside down. I wasn’t sure if it was just the poor quality of the webcast or if it was actually upside down. I think it adds some character to the robot.

Last year in Atlanta someone put our front bumper on upside down in the pit right as one team was going around taking pictures for a scouting sheet they gave to all the teams in the division. So, every team must have thought we were idiots that couln’t put our bumper on the right way…

Good luck at the rest of your regionals and hopefully we get to play with you again in Atlanta.

Once again, nice looking and functional bot, Can’t wait to play with you guys in Pittsburgh.

Jimmy like Jimmy Johnson, the NASCAR driver?

Yeah Kinda, We kinda borrowed his “48” and it is a racing themed game.

Disclaimer - Delphi E.L.I.T.E. has no affiliation or partnership with Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR, or Hendrick Motorsports whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK continue.

Man only if we could get Mike Helton to come to a competition… :smiley:

You should definitely use your robot and your team number to get sponsorship from Lowe’s.

Could go even further and get NASCAR involved in general. They would LOVE this year’s game for sure :smiley:

Delphi/Delphi Motorsports actually has complicated agreements with Hendrick/NASCAR. I contacted corporate requesting inquiry into pursuing some kind of contact/partnership/assistance from Hendrick/Lowe’s Racing/etc. Because of the complexity of existing agreements, they recommended we make no attempts to muddy the waters. Not even for free bumper stickers - awwwww.

Now if FIRST wanted to approach NASCAR on their own - heck I’d be all for that. Kinda too late now.

I remember wishing you guys made your arm look like the cannon on a tank… the angles on the cover for the base of your robot look like an abrams!


p.s. “ALWAYS REMEMBER…” What are we supposed to always remember? (see pic) :]

(Some might wish it to say - “READ THE Q/A!!”) :rolleyes:

But in reality, it said - and this should come as no surprise - “SAFETY FIRST!”

cool, our pit was right behind you guys.

It probably says ALWAYS REMEMBER… Safety first or something…
They did win the safety award at Pittsburgh right?

yes we did, as well as midwest.