pic: Team 48 xtremachen19 at Pittsburgh #1


This robot has been described by many as a transformer. Here we are in shooting mode. We have range from the outer works to the batter ramp.

Anyway, 7-2-1 at Greater Pittsburgh, 12th seed out of 52, 1st pick of the #2 AC, lost in quarters after some unfortunate battery blar happened to our 3rd alliance bot. I think we were at least a semifinals worthy alliance (thank you 3260 and 6054) had we held together.

GM Industrial Design Award winner - that was nice - first time winning a major technical award since 2012. We had a good time in 2012.

We will be in Tech Valley Week 3 hoping to qualify for St. Louis. It would be a shame for this bot to only see 2 official events. It was a heck of an interesting time designing and building it, and it’s been fun seeing what it can do. Might have to log some extra offseason trips this year.

It would indeed be a shame if this robot won’t go to St. Louis. I’ve seen a couple of matches and it is a great robot. Good luck in Troy!

Same to you guys - I like orange! :slight_smile:

Hey great job at Pittsburgh this past week. Our teams 5740 and 48 had a few great matches together. We wish you the best of luck and we hope to see you at St. Louis/ at Pittsburgh next year.

Travis, it looked very cool on the video feed from Pittsburgh. I hope you are able to make it to the Championships. Hopefully we will see you there or at the state championships.

You guys were amazing in Pittsburgh as always! Hope to see you guys push to St. Louis. We are making some minor changes also to combat the issues we had in Pittsburgh.