pic: Team 498 Picking Up Tube


Our robot picking up a tube.

This is our robots arm. We will be able to place a tube on all three levels. It has a movable wrist and a extender.

It’s hard to tell but, aren’t you dangerously close to rotating beyond the 72" box?

My question is can you pick up a tube right in front of you?? it looks great but you might need to back up to pick up any thing by your wheel base from what I can see.

We have to have our software guys write code for us so we don’t extent out of the 72 inches, yes.

Also, that shot is of how far away we can pick up a tube. The arm is extended. With the rotation of the claw I’m sure we can get them right next to our robot once the bumpers are on.

Also, we originally had a pneumatic extender to elevate the arm which we took out. We had some major revamps of the entire robot just today. It did not look like this, this morning and has just become drivable. We will have our bumpers done tomorrow with some luck and people showing up to work.