pic: Team 4's One-Day Wonder robot at GTR

Here's the robot that was built in one day at GTR in the ultimate "collaboration". Thanks to Teams 45, 188, 217, 1114, 1310, 1397 and many others who made this possible.

What a robot that was too, i couldn’t believe it. Great job on your one day wonder. Now where is it and what ya doing with it now?

Team 4, been around since probably very early in FIRST, has to build a robot in one day? Granted, I do not know the logistics of it so I will not make this into an arguement. However, seems to me that there is always a team every year that has nothing on thursday, and somehow creates a robot in one day. Maybe I’m just crazy, but is this a trend we will continue to see in FIRST? I can understand a rookie team, that has no resources, no tools or anything, and shows up with their control system and some batteries; to their rescue comes the aid of other teams. But for teams that have the resources to build a robot, and do not, is IMHO being unprepared. Again, I do not know the reasoning behind team 4 or anybody else, and i do not mean to point a finger at team 4, just in general…why?

Due to a shipping mix up their robot did not arrive from their last comp till Saturday. Making this a One-Day (Friday) Wonder.
EDIT: They actually got their real bot on Friday but it wasn’t competition ready till sat

Oh ok, see like I said, I did not know the logistics, sorry for the confusion.

Team 4, Element, did an exceptional job getting a robot ready for competition. Even though their robot was no where to be found Thursday morning, thier spirits remained high throughout the competition. The quickly began searching for materials that they could use to begin aseembly of a new robot. Good news came late Thursday night as I read on CD that they would have thier robot. Friday morning came and soon they had thier robot. You could see them always working on thier late arrival all day Friday and even early Saturday. Then for thier last match they managed to get thier beast out to the field, which let me tell you was a pretty good match for them.

To Team 4, Congrats on the one day wonder and thanks for working with us in the elimination rounds. Good luck in Atlanta.

We disassembled it Saturday pm and returned parts to the teams who graciously contributed to the effort. Accomplishing this task would not have been possible without a substantial amount of help from several teams at GTR. “One-Day Wonder” had a short life, but a tremendous impact on our team and, I suspect, others at GTR.

We can’t thank everyone enough for making One-Day Wonder happen.

Team 4 has not been around early in FIRST. They are a rookie team. FIRST, I guess, is starting to give out retired team numbers to new teams.

For those who haven’t heard, there’s very likely a thread somewhere about the precise circumstances surrounding 4 and 22. Sufficient to say that it’s rather messy. (Of course, Ali knows this, since he’s from 22…)

FIRST is not giving out old team numbers to rookies in general—and indeed, since 4 was formed largely from former members of 22, “rookie” is not totally appropriate.

As a matter of fact, there was no team 4 in 1998, when team numbers were first assigned under the current system. (See here.) I’m not sure as to the reasoning behind this; maybe it was assigned to a team that didn’t pay, or didn’t compete?

Really? Team 4’s listing on the FIRST site lists a rookie year of 2004.

I don’t know the whole of the 22-4 relation, but I assume the prior relation led to 4 getting a non-rookie number. (An oddly appropriate one at that, now that I think of it–what’s a deuce doubled? 4.)

It doesn’t matter wether or not they are a rookie. I know from personal experience that robot is great. And no it wasn’t a rookie mistake, it could have happened to anyone. In all honesty our team leaders were afraid of that very thing happening to us because of having to cross the border with it.

In just about 6 hours look what team work can really do.

Great job on your one day wonder Team 4

You guys were definately awesome!
how many people worked on the one day wonder anyway?

Our pit crew (mentors and students) was fully engaged (~10 people), plus there were some people outside of our team: some members of Team 188 helped with the ball collector/dispenser and other hardware, Annette from Team 217 (ThunderChickens) did most of the assembly of the electronics board, the good folks in the machine shop did a bit of everything (cutting shafts and making key slots, welding spocket flanges, making hubs, cutting steel stock, etc.). Then there were the teams who came forward with electronic parts, KOP trannies, kit chassis, and so on (45, 188, 217, 1310, 1397). The “One-Day Wonder” wouldn’t have been possible for Team 4 to do on its own, we simply didn’t have all the components on hand. Distribution of the effort outside the pit (to other teams) made a huge difference as well, because (as we all know) a 10x10 pit is very cramped for a few people, robots and tools.

Cooperation among several quality FIRST teams created this robot, Team 4 just happened to be the team in need with a “never say die” attitude.

Okay, I’ll try to correct myself. Yeah, I saw that they are stated hacing their rookie year in 2004 but that’s not true. The high school, High Tech High, came into FIRST in 2004 by combining with Chatsworth High School and Team 22. But they branched for this season and became Team 4. I think it was because they were branching off that they got that number. Also, yes, they shouldn’t really be considered a rookie team because a lot of the members worked with us a lot when they were partnof Team 22, including my brother. But I am very proud of him and the rest of Team 4 for coming up with that robot in just 6 hours and for doing well before, in SoCal.