pic: Team 521 2005 Final Robot

Here it is our final robot the only problem is it doesn’t work. Our arm has sheared 3 worm gears over the course of 2 days we are currently redesigning the gearbox on the arm so that it does not happen anymore. We get up to approximately. 12 feet when the arm is up full length (its not in this picture due to the ceiling) and when we get this gearbox all fixed up we will be good to go. I may upload a new pic of the robot all finished if we get it finished today the only problem is we cant work much longer today due to the snow.

This is a really awesome looking robot. I think it looks really stable.

I’ll be returning to 521’s pit for my Robot Hugs of course.

It really is stable it takes 2 people to tip it over we finally built a robot with the weight distrabuted correctly it really helps, and it pushes our last years robot arround really well. But it doesnt really matter unless we get that arm fixed up… Argh its rather depressing my baby is broken… Oh well heres to hoping we fix it tomarow !!

See you at UTC and Nat’s

that looks VERY tall, what’s its height?

I like the battery mount.

Very nice chassis…The battery mount is awesome :slight_smile:

very cool

How tall is it?

Its extended up to 8.5’ in that pic but it will go about another foot higher but we have 9 foot ceilings in that room.

if i may ask whats so cool about the battery box ?

and btw… it took us 3 tries to get it right… i thought Steve (the mentor who does our welding) was going to kill me, true story…

It just fits so perfect… Ours is kinda like that but it slots down into the chassis and its a lot harder to get out…

Heh we always make our battery quick to get in and out because we are famous for forgetting to change it… we have been called on deck and you will see a storm of us rushing towards the staging area 2 people putting the battery in 3 people checking connections, 1 person pushing the other holding the O.I. its rather Humorous…

Our battery box consists of two bungee cords. Anything more than that looks pretty sophisticated to us. :eek:

(NOTE: It’s a joke, OK? No need for the safety lecture. Our battery sits in a well. We just put two mini-bungees over it to make sure it doesn’t fall out if the 'bot flips.)

Just to clarify… our arm reachs up another 3 1/2 feet after it extends so all told we will have 12.5’ of reach. Whic is still tall it just looks so tall due to our small cielings.

and yeah me and Xufer had several “discussions” over the design and placment of that battery box. We ended up compromising :yikes: .