pic: Team 521 Custom Frame

Welded aluminum 2X4 and 1X3 box beam. So much better than the kit bot and less than 1’’ of ground clearance.

Anybody care to identify the poeple in the picture?

Since I am COMIN’ BACK to the 521 pit this year to hug your robot again (1st annual celebration), I’d like to say hi to everyone and spread love.

It looks nice, how much does it weight?

Steve S. (mentor), Jordan, Connor (with the tools), John (with frame), Mike (hiding with air pump), Tom (with the tounge), Steven.

It ways just about the wieght of the kit bot and that is without anyspeedholes which we hope no to add.

actually it weighs a little more that the kit bot (15lbs) but it suits our needs in a frame much more adequately. it gives us a nice pushing force and an easier place to mount the arm. After a bunch of kit bot testing we decided to go with this frame.

What are the sizes and wall thicknesses on the tubing pieces. And let me guess, your wheels go inside the tubing?

What wheels are you using? It looks like you assembled the kitbot in the back left of that picture. Are you planning on using the FIRST transmissions and CIM motors?

Where are the security glasses?! :yikes:

They are 2X4 and 1X3 box beam peices with 1/8th inch aluminimum wall peices. We use the 8 inch pneumatic or hard rubber wheels that have pressed hubs in them that are keyed the wheel and also keyed to the shaft. They do fit inside the box beam.

We did in fact assemble the kit frame as you so cleverly picked up in the back ground (look close there are other things of note as well). We dont really intend on using the frame nor was it ever seriously considered. Rather it was very useful in teaching freshmen the basics as far as following building procedures, where all the tools are, safety precautions, and such.